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Tui na or Chinese Medical Massage shares the same in-depth theories and diagnostic techniques as Acupuncture (without the needles).

Tui Na massage consists of various lifting, stretching, stroking, pushing and grasping massage techniques. This is accompanied by acupressure.

There are three levels – superficial, middle and deep used in treatment.

The superficial level relates to just below the skin and is effective in treating long-term imbalances and recent injury to disperse fluid and minimise stagnation prompting a faster recovery.

The middle level relates to the flesh and muscle.
Treatment at this depth is effective for relieving muscle tension.

The deep level relates to the sinews (tendons & ligaments) and bones.
Treatments at this depth release deep-seated tension and draw energy (Qi) to the area to clear blockages.

Treatments are not clearly segmented as different depths and techniques mould into a flowing relaxing and often subtle massage with powerful re-energising properties.

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